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Rare Bible

Having examined the definition of “antique Bible” in detail, we now turn our attention to what qualifies as being a “rare Bible”. This is a far more simple, straightforward concept. While age alone can eventually make something antique, in order for something to be rare, it needs to truly be scarce. There is often considerable overlap between antiquity and rarity, but the two are not the same. Likewise, age and rarity are components of value, but they do not necessarily equate to value.

Consider for example, a Bible that was a limited press run of just a few hundred copies, published by a ministry or Bible publisher, just a few years ago, or a few decades ago. That would be rare today… but it certainly would not be antique by even the most liberal of definitions. In all likelihood, it would also not be very valuable. Similarly, some secular publishers have produced “limited edition” Bibles within the past few decades. Clearly, a Bible can be rare without necessarily being antique.

This is why most collectors looking for historically important and valuable Bibles focus their search on the far more appropriate and accurate term “antique Bibles” rather than the relevant and related but not nearly as accurate term “rare Bibles”.

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